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Improving Livestock Production with IFA ICBM Cattle Mineral Supplement

Improving Livestock Production with IFA ICBM Cattle Mineral Supplement

Lush intermountain pastures and rangelands are economical sources of forage that ranchers utilize to meet the nutritional needs of their livestock. However, the quality of these feed sources varies widely depending on forage type, season and weather conditions. Often these pasture forages and even alfalfa, grass, and cereal hays lack essential trace minerals.

The little things matter when it comes to livestock nutrition and production. Mineral deficiencies lead to health and performance issues in growing, pregnant, and lactating cattle when increased mineral requirements are not consistently met. Luckily, IFA’s expert livestock nutritionists, backed by decades of experience, have developed an exclusive line of beef minerals to combat nutrient deficiencies commonly found in intermountain grasses and hay.

IFA ICBM Mineral Line

IFA’s Intermountain Cattlemen Beef Mineral (ICBM) products are formulated to provide supplemental vitamins and minerals essential for health and productive efficiency in beef cattle. These mineral products are designed for free-choice feeding to cattle grazing on intermountain pastures and rangeland, or when feeding cattle hay. IFA animal nutrition experts have formulated the ICBM line to complement a complete range of intermountain forage conditions and for optimal palatability, ensuring consistent consumption while on pasture or hay.

Discover IFA’s ICBM line of cattle minerals and their unique advantages to your herd.


Range Force Mineral Products For Any Feeding

The ICBM Range Force Mineral line is designed to provide cattle with essential minerals and vitamins when grazing good-quality ranges, pastures, or hay. Range Force cattle minerals feature added complexes of zinc, manganese, and copper from Intellibond products provided by Selko. These ICBM formulations provide greater bioavailability of nutrients to each animal. Bioavailability increases because hydroxy minerals contain unique properties at the cellular level, making them easier for the animal to absorb and resistant to antagonists found in feed and water, such as sulfur, iron, and molybdenum.

IFA_Prime-Force-Mineral_50lb_4C_blogPrime Force AF Mineral Products For Breeding Season

The Prime Force AF Mineral line offers premium-quality vitamin and mineral supplements. Beef producers who want to provide organic trace minerals and higher levels of vitamins, particularly before and during breeding or other times when stress is a concern, may prefer Prime Force AF mineral. This ICBM mineral features added zinc, manganese, copper, and cobalt complexes from Availa® products provided by Zinpro Performance Minerals® in addition to Intellibond® hydroxy trace mineral compounds to insure a very high level of trace mineral absorption and utilization. These high quality trace mineral additives are designed to help overcome the effect of antagonists to trace mineral absorption in the animal such as sulfur, iron, and molybdenum. These unique ICBM mineral products provide better immunity, reproduction, skin and hoof integrity, growth and muscle development, milk production, fiber digestion, and energy metabolism. When an animal has the proper balance of trace minerals it can better cope with the challenging effects of stress. 

ICBM Cattle Fly Control Supplements

Customize your IFA ICBM mineral to help combat fly stress in cattle. Studies have shown that reduced fly populations can improve feed efficiencies. When cattle are less agitated, they stay on feed and, as a result, are more productive.

Clarifly® Larvicide Fly Control Supplement

IFA’s ICBM Minerals offer multiple formulations, including options with ClariFly® Larvicide. Including this supplement in your IFA mineral helps control fly populations, reduces stress, and helps your cattle reach their genetic potential. ClariFly® Larvicide works in manure, stopping larval development and decreasing fly populations.


ClariFly® Larvicide is a feed supplement that prevents house flies, stable flies, face flies, and horn flies from developing into adults. The active ingredient prevents larvae from developing into pupae. It is not a neurotoxin like an organophosphate or a pyrethroid. ClariFly® Larvicide works as a feed-through, passing through the digestive system and into the manure where flies breed.

Altosid® IGR Horn Fly Control Supplement

Altosid® IGR is another fly control supplement that is a great addition to any ICBM product. Including this supplement in your IFA mineral helps build season-long horn fly control. Left untreated, a few horn flies can quickly explode to a population of over 4,000 flies per animal. With an economic threshold of diminishing weight gain returns at 200 flies per animal, controlling these populations is essential for proper weight gain and optimal efficiency.


Altosid® IGR is an insect growth regulator (IGR) that passes through the animal and into the manure, where horn flies lay their eggs. It breaks the horn fly life cycle by preventing pupae from developing into biting adult flies. Altosid® IGR eliminates the expense, labor, and stress on your cattle associated with other fly control methods. There’s no need to round up or handle cattle because the animals spread the horn fly control as they graze, placing it in the exact location where horn flies are laying eggs.

Read more about 30 | 30 Feed-Through Fly Control with IFA ICBM Mineral

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Benefits of ICBM Mineral and Fly Control Supplements

In addition to consistently meeting energy and protein requirements, adequate intake of high quality mineral and vitamin supplements ensures beef cattle are meeting their full productive potential. Every nutrient contained in ICBM supplements plays an important role in maintaining livestock health and improving performance in the herd. Key benefits include:

  • Healthy Immune Systems

Trace minerals play a vital role in responding to disease challenges in cattle. Improved nutrition increases vaccine effectiveness and helps build the immune system to prevent health issues.

  • Improved Livestock Conception

A productive herd depends on reproductive success. Trace minerals are critical in heat cycles, response to synchronization, and pregnancy retention.

  • Improved Weaning Weight

ICBM mineral supplements promote greater resilience to stress and disease challenges in livestock by improving total nutrient utilization. This helps cattle maintain better health and gives an extra edge when it comes to weight gain and achieving higher weaning weights.

  • Improved Hoof Health & Foot Rot Reduction

Mineral deficiencies contribute significantly to hoof disorders in cattle on pasture and in drylot settings. ICBM supplements provide essential minerals such as zinc, that maintain hoof integrity and reduce costly hoof problems.

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Feeding Recommendations

IFA’s ICBM minerals are all formulated for free-choice feeding to beef cattle. The ICBM line is designed as a complete, balanced mineral supplement that supplies elevated levels of vitamins and organic trace minerals. It is specifically designed to support production, reproduction, animal health, and breeding. 

Consumption should be three to four ounces per head daily–selenium intake should not exceed three milligrams per head daily. Do not feed ICBM to sheep or other copper-sensitive species.

IFA minerals should be fed in a clean, dry cattle mineral feeder, preferably near a feed or water source. No more than a seven-day supply should be put out at one time. This ensures freshness and helps maintain adequate consumption rates. 

The location of cattle mineral feeders is essential. Placing mineral feeders closer to a water source or heavily traveled areas may improve consumption rates if utilization is low. Consumption patterns will vary with pasture and paddock conditions; relocate or adjust mineral feeder numbers and locations to either increase or decrease consumption.

Ask an IFA Expert

There is no one right formulation for every operation. The ICBM line offers a wide variety of products to match your local conditions. IFA livestock nutrition experts are your intermountain resource for healthier, more productive cattle. Contact an IFA nutrition advisor for help improving your herd’s overall health and for guidance on the best ICBM formulas to match your feeding conditions.

Contact an IFA Nutritionist in your area


Written by Mikyla Bagley, IFA Content Writer, and originally published in the IFA Cooperator magazine (vol. 90, no. 1) Spring 2024.

Mikyla Bagley is a fifth-generation rancher actively involved in her family’s cattle operation. She holds a deep respect for the wisdom and management practices of the farmers and ranchers who have crossed her path, both because of her family operation and otherwise. A deep desire to remain connected to the agriculture industry drove Mikyla to earn her BIS in Agriculture Science and Communication from Southern Utah University. She remains involved in her family’s operation while using her degree and life-long experience sharing the experience and wisdom of IFA experts and Co-op Members as IFA’s Content Writer.

“The agriculture community is filled with genuine and hard-working men and women whose passion for their lifestyle deserves to be shared. I look forward to helping highlight both their stories and expertise.”
     —Mikyla Bagley

Information provided by Dennis Christensen, MS, PAS, IFA Feed & Nutrition; Jim Lamb, Ph.D., PAS, IFA Feed & Nutrition  and Jill Singleton, Bagged Feed & Animal Health Category Manager, IFA Feed & Nutrition.