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What to Feed Chickens? Key Ingredients in IFA’s New Poultry Feed Lineup

What to Feed Chickens? Key Ingredients in IFA’s New Poultry Feed Lineup

As IFA builds on 100 years of success, we turn to deepening our roots and creating new avenues for growth. As a cooperative, our roots run deep in poultry, which proves to be a strong market segment for growth. Consumers continue to become increasingly interested in raising chickens, even in cities and suburbs, due to enhanced interest in safe food, understanding where food comes from, and environmental concerns. Inflation, supply chain issues, and the worst avian flu in U.S. history — 58 million birds affected in 47 states — impacted the national market. As of January, prices were up 70 percent from a year ago, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Consumer Price Index. ​That has spurred many new poultry growers to invest in their own backyard chickens.

Feeding a Changing Market of Chicken Farmers

Last year, IFA made some big changes in our number-one bagged feed segment, IFA’s Premium Poultry Feed. We've improved our offering of IFA branded layer feeds to better align with the goals of backyard chicken growers. Each bag of IFA poultry feed is crafted locally and formulated to promote healthy chickens. This bagged feed line is especially great for backyard chicken growers who want a quality feed they can trust and that helps their chickens produce the tastiest fresh eggs.


Over the years, IFA has greatly emphasized the quality of chicken feed it manufactures at its four mills located in various regions of Utah. It all starts with quality ingredients that meet our standards of feed quality. We all know that starting with quality ingredients allows us to end up with a quality product.

See how IFA's Feed Quality Standards help provide your chickens with quality and safety in every bite.

IFA’s Premium Poultry Feeds are well recognized as leaders in quality nutrition for years. IFA’s nutrition team works with industry leaders to keep the latest technology in our feeds to ensure healthy flocks and great production. Because of this teamwork, IFA owns its own proprietary (exclusive) poultry pack that goes into all of its poultry feeds, from Chick Starters to Layer Feeds.

What’s New in Chicken Feed Nutrition?

Our IFA Poultry Pack is a blended mix of organic trace minerals, yeast, natural enzyme complexes, and Omega-3s. It is not just any Omega-3’s, but the most available or digestible form for birds: DHA. Omegas are often called the “good fats” and must be consumed in feed. As customer interest continues to grow surrounding DHA in their eggs, IFA’s nutrition team has set up our feed for continued growth. A more in-depth understanding of the benefits of Omega-3 (DHA) can be seen in the illustrations below.



Poultry Feed Lineup

Our new lineup of IFA poultry feeds is as follows:

A New Feed Formulation For Raising Healthy Chickens

IFA Premium Poultry feeds use a complex matrix calibration, which considers nutrient amount released when a diet includes enzymes. These enzymes facilitate the nutrient digestion by liberating energy units available to the bird.

This matrix then provides us with the optimal balanced nutrition for your flock in all stages of life, packed with extra power in the form of IFA’s Exclusive Poultry Pack. Customers raising backyard chickens are passionate about the quality of the eggs, the health of the flock, and the sustainability it brings to the family. All of our IFA poultry feeds are free of growth hormones and antibiotics.

Our IFA Premium Poultry feeds are made with high-quality grains and proteins fortified with essential amino acids, digestive enzymes, and top calcium levels to produce strong shells and wholesome, tasty eggs.


Prebiotics and Probiotics to Promote Poultry Gut Health

The prebiotics and probiotics in our feed introduce and help maintain beneficial bacteria in the gut that help maximize intestinal health, decrease the prevalence of intestinal pathogenic bacteria and colonization on the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, and improve the immune defense system.

Our digestive enzymes assist your birds in better utilizing the essential nutrients in their feed for growth and production. They support gut health, immune function, and the digestive system of poultry while also balancing the microbiota for fiber digestion and reducing heat stress.

As you can see, IFA Poultry feeds are packed with years of research, experience, hard work, and dedication, bringing you the best poultry feed on the market.

Helping to Grow the Chickens You Love

As IFA has just celebrated its 100 years, we look forward to serving you for another century. We want to thank you for your loyalty, business, and friendship. Get started with the proper coop, chicken supplies, feed, and chicks by visiting your local IFA Country Store. A knowledgeable staff member can help you find the right equipment to make your backyard chicken experience successful.

 “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”Robert Collier

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Written by Dennis Christensen, MS, PAS, IFA Feed & Nutrition, and originally published in the IFA Cooperator magazine (vol. 90, no. 2) Summer 2024.

Dennis Christensen grew up on his family's farm raising corn, alfalfa and wheat before earning his BS in Animal Science and Business Administration and MS in Dairy Science. In 1999 Dennis joined IFA as a sales consultant for dairy and beef cattle growers; eventually becoming a key member of the successful team behind IFA’s growing line of premium bagged feeds for livestock and show animals. Dennis and his wife, Becky, live in northern Utah where they raised their five children; and can often be found camping, hiking or trail riding with family and friends.