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Herdsman Fencing: Farmer-Owned, American-Made

Herdsman Fencing: Farmer-Owned, American-Made

Several years ago, a unique partnership was established between Intermountain Farmers Association (IFA) and three other regional cooperatives. The group came together and introduced Herdsman, a private-label farm fencing brand.

Founded as a brand by cooperatives, for cooperatives; Herdsman has grown since its inception by continually providing durable, high-quality fencing for thousands of farmers and ranchers across the country. Much, if not all, of the product's success is due to a team effort.

“Co-ops are a group of individuals who work together to benefit everyone as a whole,” says Dan Jensen, the Fencing & Livestock Equipment Manager with IFA Country Store.

“In Herdsman’s case, four co-ops are working together to combine our experience and buying power to get the best products at the best value for our members and customers.”

American-Made Fencing

The Herdsman brand is collectively owned by IFA, Missouri Farmers Association (MFA), Tennessee Farmers Co-op (TFC), and Alabama Farmers Co-op (AFC). While it's unusual for regional co-ops to work together on one brand, a fifth partner, U.S.-based Oklahoma Steel & Wire, fully embraced the group and helped launch the brand forward.


“The excitement, energy, and passion this group had about the Herdsman brand was really what sold us on the idea,” said Lou Richards, Oklahoma Steel vice president.

“A label is only as strong as the people behind it. The Herdsman brand has strong support of good, reputable companies and people behind it. We're thrilled they chose us as the manufacturer.”

Every step of the manufacturing process takes place at Oklahoma Steel's sprawling campus, assuring that all items carrying the Herdsman label are "American Melted, American Made." The Herdsman brand products include barbed wire, electric fence, field fence, welded wire fabric, wire stretcher, game fence, and the popular Max-Loc high-tensile fence featuring Class III galvanized wire.

“I think our 100-percent American-made program ties in so well with co-ops,” said Ryan Hall, a territory manager for agricultural products at Oklahoma Steel.

Co-ops pride themselves in taking care of farmers, and these farmers want to feed America. They don’t want to see crops brought in from overseas. We take the same approach with our business.”


Why Choose Herdsman?

First and foremost, Herdsman is high-quality fencing and your local co-ops' brand.

We put the Herdsman label on premium products,” Jensen said.

Herdsman wire products meet or exceed ASTM Class 1 or better specifications.”

Additionally, what makes the Herdsman brand special?

  • American-made, all the way from the melt to the finished product
  • Equal or greater in both quality and value when compared to any other national brand
  • Extremely tough and durable, meeting or exceeding your farm and ranching needs
  • Ideal for containing your cattle, sheep, goats, hogs, or horses
  • Supported by IFA (We'll stand behind any Herdsman Brand product.)
  • Exclusive in our region to IFA Country Stores
  • Beneficial to co-op members who receive patronage based on their purchases

The Herdsman brand is built to meet the needs of our members and customers, and provide the best quality products on your farm or ranch.

“We have access to, and sell many brands of wire,” says Jensen. I would put Herdsman up against any other brand.”


For more information, visit your local IFA Country Store and talk with the Intermountain Wests' fencing professionals.


Information for this article was provided by Dan Jensen, Fencing & Livestock Equipment Category Manager, IFA Country Store; Herdsman; Oklahoma Steel & Wire; and the Tennessee Cooperator.