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Get the Right Grass Support

Get the Right Grass Support

It’s very common for national chain stores to sell lawn and garden products – such as grass seed and certain soil amendments – that are good for most parts of the country, but are entirely wrong for our area. These stores often choose products that are good for most regions of the country, but may actually be harmful in the Intermountain West. 

Local Knowledge Matters a Lot

Have you ever been told to add lime to your lawn and garden? It's good advice for homeowners in much of the country, but it could have disastrous results in our area! Along the Wasatch Front, our pH is already high. Using products formulated for general needs will raise your soil’s pH level even higher.

Unfortunately, most homeowners who receive poor advice spend money on the wrong products, only to watch their lawns become even worse. It's easy to assume it's for other reasons or believe things such as, “I followed the expert’s advice and used great products and my lawn still died. I must just have a black thumb.”

Don't give up! Our lawn and garden experts have formulated the absolute best lawn care and fertilizer products available to meet the natural needs of lawns and gardens here in the Intermountain West.

Because of our local knowledge, our lawn fertilizer consistently outperforms the national brands. The IFA 4-Step Plus Lawn Care Program produces the greenest lawns in the neighborhood, while also helping to conserve water.

Learn more about your lawn and the benefits IFA's 4Plus Lawn Care Program


Choosing the Right Grass Seed

If you or a friend are building a new home or putting in a new lawn, the key to having a great lawn starts with the right grass seed.

Choose grass seed with a blend of premium hybrid bluegrasses, or seed combining both premium hybrid bluegrasses and premium hybrid perennial ryegrasses. Either is an excellent choice for a beautiful, dark green lawn in the Intermountain West.

Grass Seeds To Avoid

When planting your new lawn, avoid using K-31 Tall Fescue or any grass seed mix containing annual ryegrass. K-31 Fescue has a wide blade and a medium green color. Overall, it's very unattractive. It's fine in parts of the country with sweltering summer heat, high humidity and cold winters, but it's not the best option in our area.


Let Us Help

Visit your local IFA Country Store for helpful lawn advice and product suggestions formulated specifically to produce amazing results in the Intermountain West. We assist the pros on golf courses, baseball parks, recreation parks and public lawns in your area, and we love to help grow your home lawn too.

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